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  • I live in the USA
  • I was born on September 3
  • My occupation is student
  • I am female

Welcome to my page!

My ultimate bias is Chorong

My bias is Chorong
Percent chorong teaser 2

Milestones in editing:
8/21/19 - 3000 edits
12/8/19 - 3500 edits

  • Make edits for photocards and add to merch page.
  • Translate Japanese songs where there aren't any lyrics online translated.
  • Find the video teasers for all MVs
  • Fix Spotify template on every page
  • Figure out how to sort links on pages (tabs)
  • Check videos and change names to ones that make sense
  • And then make sure the pages they're on are alright ^
  • finish Apink page
  • finish Apink BnN page
  • make concert infobox/pages
  • Apink News
  • Music Show Wins
  • Play M Entertainment
  • Userboxes-Songs and albums
  • Change "Studio Album" to "Full-Length Album"
  • Change "Mini Album" to Mini-album"

  • Fix OH! tracks. ✔
  • make member infobox ✔
  • make logos for social media ✔
  • make group infobox ✔
  • Find a good, readable font for the wiki ✔
  • Do the same for images ^ ✔
  • eunji solo OSTs ✔
  • remake the member portals on main page ✔
  • add to gallery pages for albums ✔
  • Make all album/song page's general info cohesive. (Album is the [album #] [album type] by Apink. It was released on [Release date] with [title song] serving as the album's title track. ✔
  • (Title of song) is the (track number) song on Apink's (number album) (language), (Album title). ✔
  • Apink Diary

in progress...

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