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General Information
Release Date December 27th, 2017
Type Full Album
Format CD, Digital Download
Length 40:21
Release Chronology
Apink Single Collection

Pink Stories is the third Japanese studio album released by Apink.

Track List

  1. Hello Hello
  2. Bye Bye
  3. Rainbow
  4. Darling
  5. PapipupePON! (ぱぴぷぺPON!)
  6. Motto GO!GO!
  7. Love Shoot!
  8. Dahlia (ダリア)
  9. I'm in Love
  10. Love Forever
  11. Orion
  12. Happy Ending


It was released in fifteen editions: six limited CD+GOODS member editions (Type-A) that come with an Apink member rubber key holder, a limited CD+DVD edition (Type-B), six limited CD member editions (Type-C) with a special jacket and picture label for each member, and a regular CD edition. Each edition comes with one of seven trading cards (six member, one group). The limited A and C editions have "White Shirt Ver." trading cards, while the limited B and regular editions have the "Colorful Knit Ver.".

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