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General Information
Release Date August 26th, 2015
Type Full Album
Format CD, Digital Download
Length 46:44
Release Chronology
Pink Memory
SUNDAY MONDAY (Japanese Ver.)

PINK SEASON is the first Japanese studio album released by Apink. It was released in three editions, a limited CD+DVD+Goods edition type A, a limited CD+DVD edition type B and a regular CD Only edition. All tracks of the album are Japanese versions of tracks originally released in Korean.

Track List

  1. PINK SEASON (Intro)
  2. NoNoNo (Japanese Ver.)
  3. BUBIBU (Japanese Ver.)
  4. U YOU (Japanese Ver.)
  5. I Don't Know (Japanese Ver.) (モルラヨ -Japanese Ver.-)
  6. Remember (Japanese Ver.)
  7. Mr. Chu (On Stage) (Japanese Ver.)
  8. MY MY (Japanese Ver.)
  9. HUSH (Japanese Ver.)
  10. Not an Angel (Japanese Ver.) (天使じゃない -Japanese Ver.-)
  11. Good Morning Baby (Japanese Ver.)
  12. LUV (Japanese Ver.)
  13. April 19th (Japanese Ver.) (4月19日 -Japanese Ver.-)

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