Dear cover
General Information
Release Date December 15th, 2016
Type Special Album
Title Track Cause You're My Star
Format CD, Digital Download
Length 48:25
Release Chronology
Pink Revolution

Dear is the first special album by Apink. It was released on December 15th, 2016 with "Cause You're My Star" serving as the album's title track.

Track list

  1. Dear (Whisper) (CD only)
  2. Cause You're My Star (Byeolui Byeol / 별의 별)
  3. Miss U
  4. NoNoNo (Ballad Ver.)
  5. Only One (R&B Ver.) (Naega Seollel Su Issge / 내가 설렐 수 있게)
  6. LUV (Ballad Ver.)
  7. Cliché (Heunhan Il / 흔한 일)
  8. Heaven (Ilheobeorin Jogak / 잃어버린 조각)
  9. It's You (Geu Bumnal, I Gaeul / 그 봄날, 이 가을)
  10. Mr. Chu (Inst.)
  11. Once Upon a Time (Inst.) (Donghwa Gateun Sarang / 동화 같은 사랑)
  12. April 19th (Inst.) (4 Wol 19 Il / 4월 19일)


"A special Christmas gift from Apink! To express their gratitude to fans, Apink specially wrote three duets including Chorong and Naeun’s 'Cliche,' Bomi and Namjoo’s “Heaven” and Eunji and Hayoung’s 'It's You' The special release also features the title number 'Cause You're My Star' by Duble Sidekick, the producer of Mr. Chu, as well as ballad versions of hit songs No No No, “Only One” and LUV." -Naver


MV Apink(에이핑크) Cause you're my star(별의 별)

MV Apink(에이핑크) Cause you're my star(별의 별)

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