Apink's Showtime is a reality show produced by MBC every 1. It was a part of the SHOWTIME series featuring several idol groups. Apink was the third featured group, as well as the first featured girl group. It was also their fourth reality show appearance. The show aired every Thursday 6:00 pm to 7:10 pm from 7 August 2014 to 25 September 2014.


In the show, the members answered questions submitted by fans and completed missions given by the production team.


  1. A cruel hazing!: Apink starts their show happily. However, their first activity is the cruel bungee jump.
  2. A hot summer story:
  3. Fairy-dols visit Japan: Apink are preparing their debut in Japan. Meanwhile, they prepare a early celebration for Eunji who is having her birthday in August.
  4. The birth of brother maniac: Eunji's brother Minki came to Seoul to pay a visit to her sister and the member of Apink. Together they spent their day by shopping clothes and visiting nice places.
  5. Apink's lucky day: Apink went to Karaoke and were given a mission by the production team. If they sang the same song simultaneously, they can make a wish come true.
  6. Our first train trip: Apink went to Chuncheon by train. However, the good weather doesn't tag along with them. They settled down in a cafe and exchanged meaningful gifts.
  7. Apink's A to Z:
  8. Goodbye Apink:


Apink's ShowTime Teaser

Apink's ShowTime Teaser

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Apink's ShowTime Teaser 2

Apink's Showitme Teaser 2

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